libraryI’m August Gorman, a PhD candidate at the University of Southern California working primarily in agency & responsibility, ethics, and moral psychology.   Throughout my work I explore the various ways in which people can be said to be the authors of their own conduct, and on the flip-side, the ways in which they can become alienated from their actions, and the implications of this for responsibility, autonomy, well-being, and meaningfulness in life.

I will be presenting a paper arguing for a new view of the conditions for moral responsibility, which I call the Minimal Approval account, at the 4th New Orleans Workshop on Agency and Responsibility (NOWAR) in November 2017.  This paper is provisionally forthcoming in Oxford Studies in Agency and Responsibility.

In January 2018, I will be presenting my paper, “How Should Deep Self Theorists Account for Weakness of Will?” at the Eastern APA in Savannah, Georgia.

My paper “Williams and the Desirability of Body‐Bound Immortality Revisited” has recently been published in the European Journal of Philosophy.


My email is [first initial][last name]@usc.edu.